Emergency Tree Service in Peoria, IL

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We provide a comprehensive range of residential and commercial emergency tree removal services in Peoria. Whether you need hazardous limb removal or a rapid response for storm damage tree removal, our tree specialists are available 24/7 for all your urgent tree care needs. 

Because your safety is non-negotiable, you will be in good hands with our highly skilled tree workers. With decades of experience, we are experts in handling the most hazardous task with utmost precision and care. Call us now and we will deal with the chaotic situation appropriately.


Why Choose Our Emergency Tree Service

In emergencies, every second counts. We have a dedicated rapid-response team of tree specialists available 24/7 to swoop in and make your safety our topmost priority. 

Here is why we are the number one fallen tree removal company in Peoria:

  • Rapid response for storm-damaged tree removal or hazardous limb removal
  • Certified arborists with decades of experience 
  • Extensive know-how of local tree species and the specific care and precautions they need
  • State-of-the-art equipment to safely perform even the most complex fallen tree removal jobs
  • Fully insured tree service company 
  • Strict adherence to local regulations and all necessary safety measures
  • 100% committed to your safety 
  • Competitive Pricing 
  • A proven track record of satisfied customers ready to vouch for our 24/7 tree services

What to Do in a Tree Emergency

When there is a tree emergency, you must do two things immediately: ensure your safety and act as quickly as possible to prevent any further damage. 

Here is the best course of action you can take until we arrive:

  • Create a safe perimeter around the affected tree. Make sure that no one enters the danger zone. 
  • Once everyone is safe, call our emergency tree removal team ASAP. No matter the severity of the situation, we guarantee you prompt, reliable services.
  • Avoid all DIY actions. There could be broken utility wires around or a broken limb may fall suddenly.  
  • Follow the instructions that we give you while we are on our way.

This should help minimize the risk of injury to you and damage to your property.

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Contact Peoria Tree Experts for Emergency Tree Service

With decades of experience, we know how to blend expertise with urgency to ‘trim the risks’. Because waiting is not an option during tree emergencies, we act fast and come well-equipped with the necessary equipment needed to provide you with a ‘tree-mendous’ response. Call us now for free estimates.

Customer Reviews

Quick, professional, and affordable!

Quick, professional, and affordable! We had three large dead trees. They made those pesky trees disappear, ground the stumps, and left our yard looking neat. The crew was also mindful of our other landscaping during the work.

Steve Turner

The crew was real friendly and pro.

The crew was real friendly and pro. They saw our new landscapeing and wanted to maintain it so they decided not to use any heavy equipment. So they dug the hole by hand! They were right on time and quick with the job. Two thumbs up!

Priscilla Grace

Peoria Tree Experts were awesome!

Peoria Tree Experts were awesome! It was my first time getting my trees trimmed, and they explained everything real well. I’d for sure tell others about this company, and I’m glad I’ve got tree help for the future. They were efficient and provided a fair price.

Mel T.

Common Emergency Tree Situations

Some of the situations where you may need our emergency tree removal or hazardous limb removal services are:

  • Stormed damage trees including fallen or uprooted trees
  • Trees with severely damaged roots 
  • Dead or severely diseased trees that may fall anytime
  • Trees with hazardous overhanging branches 
  • Leaning trees that can’t be braced up 
  • Trees situated too close to power lines 

Call us for immediate assessment and free quotes.

How to Prepare for Tree Emergencies

Regular maintenance

Get your trees trimmed and pruned routinely to identify and remove cracked, dead, or diseased branches. Large trees with heavy, overhanging branches are more likely to get affected during storms than properly pruned trees. Dead and decaying trees can fall any time. 

We provide affordable tree maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. Our arborists have detailed knowledge of local tree species and can suggest a tailored maintenance plan.

Tree inspection after storms

If your trees show any signs of cracks, leaning, or decaying post the storm, call us for a thorough inspection. 

Prepare an emergency response plan

Know how to protect yourself and whom to call during tree-treated emergencies. Prepare an escape plan and educate your family members or staff about it. Save our number in your phone so you can quickly call us when there is a power or internet outage.

Request Emergency Tree Service Quote

If a fallen or damaged tree has uprooted your peace of mind, call us for free quotes and swift action. No job is too big or small for us because our team is extensively trained to do even the riskiest jobs. We guarantee your utmost satisfaction.