Commercial Tree Service in Peoria, IL

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Whether you are developing a new commercial landscape or just want to improve/maintain your existing one, we can handle all your tree care needs, including trimming, pruning, planting, or emergency tree removal. 

Our arborists have in-depth knowledge of the unique requirements of the local tree species and the kind of care they need. We can help enhance both the aesthetic appeal and safety of your commercial or municipal landscape. Contact us for professional, reliable, and tailored tree services that align with your business needs.


Serving Peoria’s Commercial Clients

Sensitive Habitats

Trees in or around wetlands, conservation areas, and any other sensitive zones require extra care and a highly cautious approach. With decades of invaluable experience, we have the expertise and tools necessary to safeguard your trees and preserve the appearance of the landscape from common issues such as soil erosion. 

Schools and Colleges

Let us build a green campus that helps create a positive and vibrant atmosphere and showcases your institution’s commitment to environmental friendliness and sustainability. Our comprehensive commercial tree care services involve everything from regular pruning and landscape maintenance to tree hazard reduction. With our comprehensive commercial tree care services, you can focus on your core activities.

Construction Companies

If you are looking for a prompt, reliable, and knowledgeable partner to clean the land for new construction or plant trees to give a harmonious look to your newly built landscape, look no further. We understand the unique requirements of construction companies and can handle everything precisely, eliminating any potential hassles.

Municipal & Government

As a reputable commercial tree service company, we are fully equipped to undertake large-scale projects for municipal and government properties. We follow stringent safety protocols and diligently adhere to government regulations. Contact us for 24-hour emergency storm response services including emergency tree removal.


We provide comprehensive tree care services for maintaining vegetation along the railway tracks. Our team excels in routine pruning and trimming of overgrown vegetation, which helps increase visibility, reducing the likelihood of service disruptions due to overgrown vegetation. Our regular inspection and maintenance services can guarantee the optimal health of your trees, reducing the risk of accidents. 

PEORIA TREE EXPERTS: Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding | Residential / Commercial Trusted Tree Service Company in Peoria, IL
PEORIA TREE EXPERTS: Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding | Residential / Commercial Trusted Tree Service Company in Peoria, IL

Utility Companies

Strategic pruning and trimming services for utility companies can help avert outages caused by hazardous branches. You can also contact us for 24×7 emergency tree services. Being in this business for decades, we understand the urgency of such situations. We will act swiftly to minimize the downtime and inconvenience.

Golf Course Care

We excel in improving the aesthetics of golf course vegetation, giving it a picturesque look. Our specialized care includes routine pruning and trimming of trees to ensure optimal visibility to the players. Hire us to provide tailored tree inspection, removal, canopy management, tree planting, and land clearance services to keep your golf course in its best condition.

HOAs, Condos

Over the last few decades, we have worked closely with many Homeowner Associations and Condo managers to enhance the visual appeal of their landscapes. We know what it takes to mitigate the risks associated with overgrowth branches, dead trees, storm-damaged trees, etc. We provide tailored solutions to address your unique requirements. Contact us for a free inspection and quote.

Commercial Tree Service FAQs

What factors determine pricing for tree trimming and removal?

Some of the major factors that influence the pricing for tree trimming and removal are:

  • Size and type of the tree– Larger trees require more labor and time, resulting in higher costs.
  • Condition of the tree– Severely damaged, dead, diseased trees that require careful handling will cost more. 
  • Location– Trees situated near utility lines, buildings, etc. require specialized equipment, affecting the overall cost. 
  • Equipment needed– If the tree requires crane removal, it could incur additional expenses. 

Emergency tree services cost more.

What is the best time for tree trimming or removal in Central Illinois?

Although it depends on the type of tree, but in general, late fall to early spring is the best time for trimming and removal. Most trees become dormant during the cold weather, reducing the chances of infection. Summer trimming should be done only when absolutely needed. Our arborists can inspect your trees and suggest the best option. Contact us for a free inspection.

Can you provide references or examples of your past work?

Our website has many reviews of our clients along with live photographs of our arborists in action. We respect our customers’ privacy and can’t share their contact information for direct reference. But, feel free to reach us out and we will be happy to brief you about our extensive experience and successful projects.

Get Your Fast, Free Quote for Your Commercial Tree Service

If you need a reliable partner to give a remarkable makeover to your commercial landscape, we are just a call away. We provide free site inspection and no-obligation quotes. Our quotes are competitive and we guarantee you a seamless experience, from consultation to completion.

PEORIA TREE EXPERTS: Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding | Residential / Commercial Trusted Tree Service Company in Peoria, IL